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Over 50,000 meals sold with POSRocket

Work smarter with POSRocket

Equip your restaurant with the POS tools it needs to keep turning, burning and earning.
POSRocket’s genius platform gives you all the data you need to make perfect decisions from staff to items.

Features and Benefits

Top selling Items

Determine your top selling products and the least popular ones that don’t sell well.

Open tabs

Keep numerous checks open simultaneously. Therefore, keep your happy customers ordering more and more.

Seamless Shift Changeover

Staff can open and close their shifts in a couple of clicks.

Detailed modifiers

POSRocket’s detailed and customizable modifiers mean no customer order is ever too complicated.

Cash Rules

Manage pay-ins and pay-outs for accurate cashdrawer reports.

be an octopus

Monitor multiple locations remotely and instantly control them from one screen.

The Perfect Schedule

Get ahead of your busy days and peak hours.

Attention to details

Track every ingredient, cost and profit margins of your items.