You squeeze the juice. We crunch the numbers!

Fresh platform

Whether you want to know your customers’ favorite juice combinations or the ice cream flavor that basically sells itself; our software gives you all those details and more.
Take a look at your inventory with just a glance at your device.

Features and Benefits

never miss a sale

Check your reports and sales data in real time using any device.

Seamless Shift Changeover

Staff can open and close their shifts in a couple of clicks.

Attention to details

Track every ingredient, cost and profit margins of your items.

love at the first insight

Access and export detailed smart reports in real time and from one convenient place.

Cash Rules

Manage pay-ins and pay-outs for accurate cashdrawer reports.

See it all

See your business’ total sales, net sales, and much more to make a better data-driven decisions.

Top selling items

Determine your top selling products and the least popular ones that don’t sell well.

See every transaction

Breakdown and analyze individual transactions, discounts or refunds down to the penny.