We help you tidy the numbers and sew everything together

Seamless Experience

It can get complicated storing and cleaning an abundant amount of clothes, day in and day out.
Try POSRocket and see how seamless your business can be.
You’ll know every pick up date, order placed, and contact information of every client.

Features and Benefits

Daily totals

Keep track of all daily totals for every payment type.

never miss a sale

POSRocket’s fast & intuitive platform even works offline

Top selling Services

POSRocket tells you exactly which of your items are earning your business money, and which ones to ditch.

Have some context

Use daily comparisons to gain a clearer perspective of how you’re doing.

See every transaction

Break down and analyze individual transactions, or filter them by discounted & refunded invoices.

Don't Miss a Beat

Check all your reports and sales data in real time using any device, all you need is internet connection

Best-selling day

We tell you which days of the week you sell the most, talking about intelligence?

Complete Control

Create multiple staff PINs, all register activity is tracked by staff account