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Proud to be the first developer platform disrupting the MENA’s point of sale industry.

Grow your app across a growing merchant network. POSRocket empowers the food & beverage, retail, services and entertainment industries.

POSRocket’s APIs were engineered from the ground up to be simple yet powerful. Focus on writing code and we’ll take care of everything else.

Packed with features


Simple, easy and powerful RESTful APIs


A sandbox to develop and test with life-like data.

Instant merchants

Develop for an existing active merchant base

Skyrocket reach

Your app launched across multiple countries in seconds.

Astronaut support

Our support is always ready to help and answer your questions

Developer community

Resources, experience and advice from a strong community

A Market Space... as we call it

Build and launch your app to the POSRocket 'Market Space' in seconds. Businesses using our POS globally will be able to connect your app and start using it instantly.

A few ideas... unlimited possibilities

Loyalty & Rewards

Track points, rewards, perks, cashbacks and more. Combine data from the POS to create rich customer profiles and build powerful loyalty engines.


Provide real time bookings by connecting to the POS. Know customer activity and suggest where they should be booking next.


Focus on your front-facing e-commerce platform. POSRocket takes care of transmitting your orders and keeping offline and online inventories in sync.


Integrate payment solutions directly with the POS. Give money transactions life & context. Eliminate the need for hardware, support and skyrocket adoption.


Seamless automation between accounting and the POS ensures that accounts are up-to-date. No more hassle of updating books.

Data & Analytics

Validated real-time sales, inventory, product and customer data at your fingertips. Analyze, find patterns, predict and drive informed decisions.

Online ordering

Communicate directly with the POS. Orders transmission has never been easier. Eliminate punch-in errors and keep catalogs in sync.

Call Center

Translate phone orders to POS orders instantly assign to the nearest point of sale at the nearest branch.


No need for a call centre nor a massive operation. Ping the right drivers immediately and collect deliveries as soon they are hot out of the oven.

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