Serve more orders with our cafe point-of-sale​

It's as Simple as Brewing

There’s so much more to coffee shops than meets the eye: there’s inventory, orders, and staff information.
Get your team aligned with a system that will make everyone’s lives easier.
Find out what the busiest days are to hire more staff and what items need to be restocked before they run out.

Features and Benefits

Don't Miss a Beat

Check your numbers, reports and charts instantaneously using any device.

Smart Spending

Get more insights on your costs and revenue per item.

Always alert

Never miss a sale. Set up low stock thresholds and reorder triggers.

Open tabs

Keep numerous checks open simultaneously. Therefore, keep your happy customers ordering more and more.

Seamless Shift Changeover

Staff can open and close their shifts in a couple of clicks.

Complete Control

Decide on staff permissions and user access security.

be an octopus

Monitor multiple locations remotely and instantly control them from one screen.

i will come to you

Take your iPad to your different customers between tables, and taken orders will automatically and wirelessly be accessed and printed.