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Sell with style & substance

Make a statement at checkout.

Sell with style

Sell clothing from behind the counter or out on the floor, with a stylish point-of-sale. Create your own items, track your inventory, sit back and watch your empire grow.

The app that helps you move your merchandise

  • Never run low on items, we notify you
  • Manage every member of your team
  • Labels for your clothing
  • Sell more with POSRocket

Features and benefits

Manage in bulk

Import & manage large inventories with thousands of SKUs via CSV.

Always alert

Never run out and miss a sale. Set up order triggers for when items are running low.

Top selling Items

POSRocket tells you exactly which of your items are earning your business money, and which ones to ditch.

Love at first insight

Make intelligent connections by seeing all of your sales data in one convenient place.

I will come to you

Take your iPad to your customer, and accept orders anywhere. No checkout counter needed!

Unlimited products

Sky is the limit with the number or type of products you can sell with our POS.

Never miss a sale

POSRocket’s fast & intuitive platform even works offline.

Scan items anywhere

Scan items, or add them to your inventory, from anywhere with our bluetooth scanner.

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