With the increased demand on online ordering and delivery – pre and post COVD19 – merchants in the restaurant, retail and service industries have no choice but to have online presence to fulfill their customers.

At POSRocket, we built our point of sale system as a platform allowing for such a digital leap into the online space. “Yalla!” is an Arabic word used to tell someone to hurry up! “Rocket” in our POS, “YallaRocket” is POSRocket’s new online ordering solution built for our merchant network and integrates seamlessly with our POS.

The unfortunate event of COVID-19 and the measures we are taking permanently changed the way we think, work and live. In the post-pandemic world, It is inevitable for businesses to have a strong online brand identity and ordering channel with no human interaction. With YallaRocket, businesses have the chance to recover the losses they have faced during the pandemic as well as open a new stream for revenue.   

YallaRocket is not only a delivery application but also it is the place to discover food you love from restaurants near you. As a business owner, YallaRocket helps you:

Discover items you love
With a wide selection of food to retail items, customers can order whatever they need in a one stop shop.
Attract new customers
Customers that are not familiar with your brand, expand your reach most importantly bring in more orders.
Maintain profit during pandemics
Keep operating and surviving through digital channels and fulfilling your customer’s demand during pandemics, lockdowns, or any other force majeure.
Minimize errors
YallaRocket eliminates punch-in order errors caused when customers order by phone. Order accuracy is improved since the customer selects what they exactly need and adds any customizations they wish. 
A better buying experience
Pictures, teasers and videos motivate customers to buy and try new items.
Offer deals and promotions
Your business might now easily attract customers by using promotions that will reach a huge audience through YallaRocket
Streamline your delivery
With a variety of delivery services integrated to the POS, business owners can close the ordering cycle end-to-end reducing costs and operation overheads dramatically.
Build a good reputation
Word of mouth is the best channel for promotion. With  good reviews and ratings, people would feel comfortable trying new products.

Drive more traffic and more revenue with YallaRocket. Focus on your business and YallaRocket does the rest. Get in touch to be onboarded now!  

Our goal is to help people in the best way possible. this is a basic principle in every case and cause for success. contact us today for a free consultation.