2021 Trends and Features of a Cloud-based POS

Epic Battles Between Technology and the Stone Age

     As technology continues to evolve, having a smart, efficient, secure and affordable cloud-based point of sale system becomes key to improve business operations. Business owners need their sales data and store transactions to be accessible quickly, at all times and from any device. The cloud technology made it possible by providing this solution.

      What is Cloud?

      As a restaurant owner, a cloud-based POS system makes it easy for you to access your data in real time and upgrade the software across all the branches at the same time.

      Here is how your restaurant would benefit from a cloud-based POS system:

  • Save money
  • Save time – Real time processing
  • Be flexible 
  • Secure backup

     Conjointly, POSRocket system can be personalized based on your restaurant’s needs. Our cloud-based system has plenty of different options for you to decide on which features are needed. This is exactly why investing in a flexible POS software that completely meets your needs is crucial to your business growth.

     Moreover, the system is instantly updated to the latest technology. Our system can also track your restaurant’s growth based on daily performance. We support small to medium businesses but at the same time allow you to get big data for your restaurant. Our system provides you with analytics and reports to help you fully understand what is going on in your store and how you can improve your restaurant. This type of data is available in a way that allows every businessman and restaurant owner to make better informed and data-driven decisions. POSRocket cloud-based systems can run without the Internet and smoothly synchronize when you are back online.

     In fact, the epic battle between cloud and legacy POS systems is outdated. The cloud-based point of sale wins for sure and here’s a simple table to settle the competition.

Cloud-based POS vs. Legacy

     Now that you’re aware of the new trends and features of the POS world, your business will have a positive opportunity to grow when signing up for one. Since we followed up and have taken into account 2021 technology trends and features, you should do your part and make the smart choice to power your business with POSRocket. Not to mention, if you have already been using a POS system, we can help you transfer your data from your existing POS system. 

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