The Importance of SEO

What is SEO and what is its benefit for your restaurant’s website?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of developing your website to suit the requirements of different search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo in order to appear in the first search results for keywords and key terms used by potential clients of different companies, projects and businesses.

The SEO of websites is a major source of visits that contribute in increasing the profits of your business through free visits (Free Organic Traffic), as it has a significant impact on the number of visitors to the site through search engines, which includes searching for words, searching for images and videos ( whether audio or visual materials), places, news, etc.

How can SEO benefit your restaurant?

Increasing the number of visits to your restaurant’s website will build a good base of potential customers who are interested in what your restaurant offers, as your website indirectly promotes your products, which in turn will increase your restaurant’s trust amongst potential and existing clients. In addition, this will leave a positive impact on your potential customers and might increase the most valuable source of marketing; word of mouth. 

Further, the most influential factor in the success of SEO, especially on-page SEO, for any site is the quality of the content and its relevance to what visitors are searching for using the search keywords and search terms.

You can determine the target search terms and the volume of monthly searches for these terms through several tools and sites, one of the most effective ones is Google Keyword Planner.

You must take into account the responsiveness of your website with all types of devices, this makes it more user-friendly and easy to access by all visitors, whether the visit is from a mobile phone, laptop or desktop. Increasing the speed of loading site pages is also an important factor to encourage visitors to spend more time on your website.

In conclusion, SEO is crucially important not only to generate organic traffic but also leads and sales. Bear in mind that SEO should start during the web design process in order to accelerate results.

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