Social Media revolution 2018: To Quit or Not to Quit?

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Social Media is booming like never before. With more and more people joining its sites and using them on a regular basis and in an efficient way, the social media industry is bound to grow larger and bigger in the coming years.

In the scope of any business event, as a consumer, you see how much attention it devotes to social media on one hand and on the other, as a business owner, you’re constantly hearing about how vital social media is for a prosperous marketing strategy, and one of the most important aspects of digital marketing that reaches out millions of consumers. 

So far, you may have let go the above observations. You have probably persuaded yourself that your current business is doing just fine the way it is. Well, up to date, if this was the case, you are letting go of the many benefits of social media to your business. Up until now, you are probably asking yourself in many other ways whether to go deeper in the digital marketing world or whether to quit it and stick to the usual marketing and advertising.


But, why is Social Media Marketing Good for Your Business?

No matter what is your product and to whom you are selling it, using social media as a marketing tool can help you grow your brand and your wallet on a parallel level.

The social media touch, once applied to your business, it doesn’t produce more business but also lets you connect and communicate with your customers in addition to giving them a higher service level.


Taking the Social Media Advertising path makes total sense…here’s why:

Social media advertising can be faster than you have ever imagined. For example, Facebook is showing higher percentage of ads every year since 2005 which means that social media is staying around for a period longer than we have thought.


Social ads, in comparison with traditional advertising methods (print media, TV and radio advertising), are not only dependable, but also cheaper knowing that you can post on various social media channels for free before scaling with paid ads. With social media you can grow on your own, at your own pace and on your free way!


Social media allows you to go through a real-time performance where you can change your ad on the fly and rapidly see the results on the spot. In addition, one of the benefits of social media ads is boosting Brand Awareness by finding your audience, use visuals, create conversations, measuring your efforts and building authority.


Social media allows you to follow your crowd!

Increase your inbound traffic using social media, which guides you to diversifying your marketing efforts in more than one way. You don’t reach out to just one type of crowd but get the chance to be connected a wide diversified customer base. For example, serious professionals may find your website via LinkedIn while youth may find you on Instagram. Each social media platform is a gate for a new crowd to enter, and a gate to be easily found via web search as well. You just go where the people are!


Finally, social media could be in a revolution but it leads to your businesses evolution. The choice is yours now, are you still wondering whether to quit or not?

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