Pros and Cons of Having a POS System for Restaurants

When do you need a point of sale system?

As a restaurant owner, having a point of sale system that provides you with the ability to accurately track sales and other vital transactions is inevitable. According to a 2018 study on cloud adoption, moving to a cloud-based POS system brings cost savings, as well as an increase in productivity and visibility to small and medium businesses. But the question is; what are the pros and cons of having a POS system?

Pro: User-friendly & Simple

Little IT knowledge and minimal training is required. It is as easy as any other app on your smartphone.

Con: Limited Support Options

This can be counted as a con only in some systems which do not provide a good amount of support to their customers. This, however, is not always the case. For instance, POSRocket provides its customers with 24/7 support which ensures that any encountered issue will be taken care of promptly.

Pro: Easy to grow & expand

A cloud based POS system is the perfect solution that helps your restaurant expand to multiple locations. For instance, POSRocket is a flexible adaptive system that helps you scale and expand. It is suitable for your first location all the way to connecting all your branches into one place.

Con: Connectivity

It is true that some POS systems can only work online yet some others allow you to continue working in an offline mode and the data will be synced automatically once you’re back online. It is also worth noting that a cloud-based POS system can grant you access to all your valuable data anywhere in the world.

Pro: Automation

Keeping track of sales manually with a written ledger or utilizing spreadsheet software like Excel is not only tiring but also time consuming and prone to errors. Hence, having a POS system saves you and your staff time and effort while eliminating human errors. For example, the POSRocket system allows your business to effectively track sales, smartly analyze profits and expenses, flexibly and automatically manage inventory, thoroughly analyze sales trends, along with managing staff and other operations.

Con: Subscription Fees

Though the annual subscription fee might sound like a con to some customers, when compared to the traditional cash register and on the long run this subscription fee would be way cheaper, let alone all the other advantages the cloud based POS provides your business with.
For instance, POSRocket annual fees cover not only the software but also data backup, future updates and 24/7 support, removing the risk of any hidden charges later on.

Pro: Hardware

The immediate benefit of a POS system is the hardware itself. Not only its elegant shape on the counter but the POS software is also accessible on a number of different devices. Instead of limiting your transactions and operations to a terminal in one branch, you can utilize the POS concurrently with a remote cash register in another location, a tablet or an iPad can access and work with the software.

In the past few years, cloud POS systems have become more and more prominent as a feasible and convenient alternative for small and medium businesses in general and restaurants in particular. Learn more about the 360 solution from POSRocket by contacting us at [email protected]

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