POSRocket’s Achievements in 2020

Addiction to achievements is a very special trait that we are proud of and thus, each and every single member of the POSRocket family is a perfectionist; we never skip the side missions and are always focused on the main story quests.

   We are aware how tough the past year was, yet POSRocket never gave up on you or your business. We continued with hard work to protect you, save your business and help you survive the pandemic

   Our astronauts did a great job this year by adding innovative features to help our clients with a smooth and user-friendly experience, which definitely reflects on profits and business growth. Examples of these features include but are not limited to:

  • Releasing our Kitchen Display System (KDS)
  • Releasing a call center management system
  • Assigning customizable fees depending on delivery area
  • Introducing the security-comes-first feature where our system captures images of employees when entering pincode 
  • Releasing beta version for Geidea PAX devices (Android) 
  • Increasing the stability of both the register-IOS and call center 

   A major partnership has been signed between POSRocket and Geidea, one of Saudi Arabia’s largest and fastest-growing providers of payment systems.   

   Not only did we add valuable features to the system, we also gladly partnered with the best of the best this year; to mention but a few:

  • Talabat: fully integrated with the go-to platform for online food ordering in the Middle East, get your online orders directly on your POS 
  • Quickbooks: the smart, simple online accounting software 
  • Utrac: the accurate tracking services for easier and faster deliveries 
  • Appgain: the effective customer engagement platform 
  • KitchenCut: the consistent approach that aligns people, process and productivity 
  • iisal: the intelligent insight into customers buying behaviors 
  • Cayyesh: the quick, easy and secure loyalty and rewards 
  • Hoopoe Digital: the eco-friendly error-free digital receipts 
  • ShopBrain: the brilliant data records and analytics 
  • TheScanMenu: the multi-task contactless digital menu 
  • FineDine: the all-inclusive menu & ordering system 
  • PointCheckout: the flexible online payment provider for loyalty and reward points 
  • Yallow: the advanced on-demand collaborative delivery  

   Fundamental lessons, that covid-19 taught us in 2020, should restructure everyone’s perspective in life. POSRocket didn’t only survive but has also thrived through the pandemic by:

  • Switching to a fully remote operation and ensuring the safety of our employees and clients while business proceeded unaffected  
  • Maintaining sales pipeline by using Zoom remote demos and switching to e-contracts
  • Issuing and proceeding with covid-19 support deals in order to retain and protect our existing customer base
  • Offering covid-19 relief programs to mitigate the effects of the pandemic
  • Rejecting resorting to layoffs during this challenging time in order to protect our employees         

  We want to proudly announce that we are now found in 2500+ locations, with more than 40 million transactions and more than half a billion dollars processed in our system. Our team of astronauts increased this year by almost 33% to become 81 members. We’re also highly gratified to expand across more than 12 countries across the region.

  Here is to more achievements and success to come in 2021 and let’s always remember that your success is our success. 

Our goal is to help people in the best way possible. this is a basic principle in every case and cause for success. contact us today for a free consultation.