Thou Shalt (Not) Own a Side Business!

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You’ve heard and read all this fuss about ‘side businesses’ and you can’t really decide whether you’re with or against the idea. I mean sure you have this awesome business idea you’ve been dying to try out but you may be thinking “What about the job I already have?” or “What if it doesn’t work out?”


Well to that, I ask you “Why not?”


I know what you’re thinking “Is it really worth it?”


Well with all the technological advancements, social media outlets and not to mention the great business idea brewing up in your head, I can’t see why not. Turning your vision into a reality is, above all, a rewarding experience.




What You’ll Like About It…


More Control


Well who wouldn’t want to be their own boss? Look at it this way; you decide how to run your business, you get to make the big decisions concerning the company and you tell yourself when it’s time to take a break or keep working which means that you get to set your own business schedule on your own terms.


Set Your Own Boundaries


Your business’s growth won’t depend on your team’s effort, your boss’s or the company’s financial situation. You know when to keep going and when to draw the line for the sake of your company which allows more flexibility. You’re the boss remember?


Increased Job Security


Being placed in situation where you get let go or fired from your current job, penniless and have nowhere to start is not a situation anyone wants to be in. However, when having a side business, you could always have something to go back to once the going gets tough. This way you’ll always have a source of income and a job at hand when you need one.



What You’ll Have to Consider…


Time Commitment


Yes, it may be a “side” business but it’s still a “business” in the end. Furthermore, like any business, you will need to put time into it if you want to make it work. If you have a full-time job or your running another major company, your side company will eat up some of your valuable work-time.


But do not fret my friend! Like we said before, technology is a really beautiful thing especially in today’s world. Automation systems like POSRocket will help you keep an eye on how your side business is doing while going about your day to day job even if you’re offline, you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone easily.


Additional Stress


A no-brainer, but also worth mentioning. This means that you’re going to have to deal with the stress that arises from both sides; your side business and your full-time job or current business. Also, keep in mind that additional effort could mean your weekends, weeknights and any kind of time off your actual job.


However, with today’s technological advances, it’s little more than a bump in the road. You don’t have to do manual checks on your side business, at least not with the new automation and digitization solutions. Have your system generate full reports of all things you need to know like net sales, total sales and even daily comparisons which will give you a clearer idea of how your side business is doing.



Establishing a side business is not a difficult decision to make anymore, with today’s technology, it’s just a simple choice you make. As an entrepreneur, you are a ‘doer’ and a ‘go getter’ so don’t miss this opportunity!


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