4 New Features to the POSRocket System

New features have been added to the latest version of the POSRocket application or dashboard. This article will give a detailed explanation of each feature for you to make the most of it. Our dear customers can learn more about these features and how to use them via POSRocket knowledge space.

1- Discounts:

The 7 ways to get your customers love your restaurant article, we learned about the importance of discounts and offers. Hence, our astronauts added new practical and convenient features to help you get your staff and customers enjoy your happy hour. The new update provides you with the utmost flexibility to choose what items or categories to get discounted.

You can also select a single location, multiple or even all locations to which the discount applies. This option saves you time and effort and makes it quite easy on your staff. 

Make the life of your cashier or call center agent easier with only a tick on the Apply discount automatically checkbox;  if checked, then the discount will be added automatically without the need of a manual selection by the cashier or agent. 

A happy hour is easier to manage when you can set a date range for when the discount dates start and end. For instance, selecting Wednesdays from 5:00 PM until 8:00 PM so that the discount is only effective during this period of time.

2- Table Management:

With the new update, you can simply specify the places and arrangement of tables in the restaurant via the iPad screen. If the restaurant has more than one floor, you can easily choose the floor on which you want to manage the tables, and then choose tables’ shapes (circle, rectangle, square) in addition to the number of chairs surrounding the table. After determining the shape of the tables in the restaurant, you can determine the status of the table as follows:

  • Available
  • Assigned
  • Seated
  • Ordered
  • Finalizing; once the tab is closed the table is assigned Available 

This update will help the staff and speed up the customer service process.

3- Attendance Management:

Improve your staff performance and reduce customers’ complaints by managing and following up with your employees. Manage and monitor shifts while tracking employees performance via assigning their status when entering iPad passcode (start/end shift and breaks).

You can view all employees, each with their images (if enabled), the total working hours and the total rest times. This, in turn, helps in tracking working times and employees performances automatically through the application and improves performance.

4- Kitchen Display System (KDS) & Delivery Fees

Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of kitchen staff with the new update. New features and improvements in the kitchen display system speed up work, reduce human errors and provide better service to your restaurant customers. Take control and decide whether to refund the delivery fees or not.

POSRocket always strives to provide all means of comfort to our customers, as our astronauts frequently update our system in line with the requirements of the restaurant sector. Remember, you can always refer to our knowledge base to find out everything about the system and take advantage of these and other features to increase the sales of your restaurant.

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