How to increase sales and profits in Eid Al-Adha

Restaurants witness increase in orders during Eid Al-Adha

These few days, known as the first ten days of Dhu al-Hijjah, have their own flavor in the world of food and beverage industry, as the first and second days of Eid are crowded with families and friends who wish to spend time together and enjoy their favorite meals.

Residents also frequently place orders for delivery and takeaways from restaurants, and thus the number of restaurants’ visitors in general increases during this period of time. Therefore, our team of astronauts prepared 5 tips for you to make the most of these days.

1. Make use of Eid symbols in your ads

It is no surprise that Eid Al Adha is an important occasion for restaurants who can benefit a lot by investing a little in marketing ideas to attract customers to their restaurant on this auspicious occasion. Creating Eid suitable ads will attract the attention of different potential customers. Social media images are the first thing that attracts users’ attention. This is why it is very important to use Eid symbols to grab people’s attention and get them to try your restaurant.

2. Be generous and offer Eid menu

Herein lies the importance of digital menus, as you can modify or add items and offers to the digital menu easily, quickly and without any additional cost. Electronic menus also help you provide faster service in the event of an overcrowded restaurant. Offers and discounts will double the possibility of customers choosing your restaurant over competitors, in addition to providing family meals, as the majority tend to spend time with their families and friends over their favorite meals. For instance, in addition to the usual main dishes that you serve, you can also accompany water or juices, and a variety of light appetizers that convey to the guests a sense of happiness, joy and care.

Digital Menu

3. Decorate the restaurant to suit the occasion

Eid is a joyful occasion for children and adults, and decorating the restaurant and perhaps distributing balloons to kids will increase the families’ turnout for your restaurant. People tend to take photos of themselves during a unique experience and post it on social media and thus you will get free exposure on social media.

4. Provide secure shopping solutions (electronic payment cards + delivery)

Ask your customers about credit cards, as some prefer to avoid paying cash, which reduces the transmission of the virus through cash. Some may want to stay and relax at home, so you need to add a delivery option, and if you already have it, you need to make a competitive offer such as reducing its added price to the bill or making it free during these days only to encourage people to order from your restaurant.

5. Communicate Eid working hours 

With Eid al-Adha holiday that extends for several days; people will have a lot of time to enjoy delicious meals and benefit from offers by restaurants and cafes, so you should announce your restaurant’s working hours on Eid days on all social media platforms and your restaurant website.

Despite the decline in restaurant sales during the last period where the food and beverage sector has been greatly affected by the Corona Virus (Covid-19) crisis, following these steps will clearly activate the demand for the restaurants sector and thus increase profits and sales, with the need to continue to adhere to the application of public health and safety standards and procedures. Preventive measures to reduce the spread of the virus and maintain the safety of customers and staff are also of great importance.

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