Have You Made Up Your Mind? We Hope Not!

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If you are setting up your own business and seeking a mechanism to manage all your internal and customer transactions efficiently and smoothly, then you are scrolling in the right page.

Let’s cut to the chase

You have to be fully aware of your needs before finding yourself stuck with a brand new and, maybe, costly cloud-based POS system that is “useless” to your business.

Cloud-based POS systems are generally easy to use and are aimed at serving the sole purpose of making your life easier. This is because they are designed to run your inventory management with each tap made on your tablets and smart phones that are all connected on the cloud.

If I’m on the cloud, who’s running my business and overseeing my staff members?

They are simply on the cloud with you. POS systems record each and every move made by your staff members, whether an employee is checking into their shift, checking out, or accepting on-site customer orders.

Yes, on-site!

Maybe one of the most efficient features you and your customer may enjoy through engaging in a POS system, is the ability take your smart devices to your customers, show them what you have to offer, and, hopefully, have them order your products with simple and few taps.

Imagine your customer satisfaction and joy level when not having to drive through the traffic to see what services and products you have in store! That’s not all, using your smart device to record your transactions will save you, and your customers, the trouble of carrying around that heavy billing folder as you are simply sending your customers their receipts via email or a text message on spot.

Periodic Analytics

Your customers are not the only ones who are busy making money – By now, you are most likely too busy, or even bored, to go through meetings to discuss the financials of your business, especially when it comes to dull presentations and the awkward silence in that darkened room.

These convenient POS systems provide you with reports and analytics on your financial progress. They can also provide you with peak hours and days so that you may want to make use of this during your marketing campaign…. or when employee evaluation time comes.

No, the cloud will not pour down your business privacy

We are speaking your mind, aren’t we? You do not have to worry about the privacy and security of your financial transactions just because they are associated with the word “cloud.”

You can protect your transactions by determining who can have access to them and how. You and only you, own your data. POS systems are multi-layered and this is how they allow you to place your staff members in any layer you wish them to be; meaning, you can have personalized access to your financial transactions based on the job role of the employee and the purpose they’re after.


 Now what?

You have several POS options (thank you Google!). Once you have your needs figured out, you may want to check some POS system providers, such as POSRocket Shopify, Revel and others. Depending on what you’re after, each can serve in their own unique ways. Give some websites a visit, read about the services provided, align them with your needs, and for heaven’s sake.. hop on the cloud.


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