Business Culture: The “Fortune-Teller” of Company Success

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When you hear the term “Business Culture” a long list of highly-successful companies and major corporations like Google, Facebook or Twitter come to mind. World renowned companies famous for their engaging work-environment and strong core values. But wait a minute, you’re just a regular business owner trying to run a regular business and selling a product, not Mark Zuckerberg. You have other things to worry about than coming up with “core values” or providing an “engaging work-environment” for your employees, right?

Think again. Having good business culture is a sure-fire way to provide high-quality products and excellent services which will result in a thriving company.


Unfortunately, this aspect is usually overlooked and just thought of as a company “bonus” or “perk” that is only thought of once managers have enough time to invest in this so-called “business culture”. However, the business-world of today says otherwise; defining the core values of your company, asserting them in the work-place and finding common-ground between you and your employees is essential to your company’s advancement.




Strong business culture boosts employee performance.


When you make your company’s values as well as your short and long-term goals clear, you will be able to differentiate exceptional employees from the ordinary ones. Because your values and goals are what attracts the right employees to your company and keep the ones who are unfit away from it. Therefore, once you assert common ground between you and your employees, while giving them the freedom to express their ideas and opinions and reminding them of what they’re working for and why. This will increase their desire to make the company thrive and expand the level of  performance to be at its best.


It will increase product sales.


When you allow people to become aware of your business culture. It will also allow them to trust in your ability to present them with a product of utmost quality. Showing integrity is an important aspect of any company and customers absolutely love it.


Employee turnover rate will be greatly reduced.


Recognizing and appreciating the work and effort that your employees put in their work will eventually make them even more eager to increase their efforts and give the business their all. Also, providing constructive criticism and positive feedback will help your employees to recognize the skills they fall short in and they will be encouraged to improve them while also enhancing and mastering the skills they’re exceptional at.


It will result in less internal conflict in within the organization.


Having a team-oriented and collaborative-style workplace will automatically build mutual trust between you and the employees as well as among the co-workers themselves. An open-communication style will allow employees to be more confident about their thoughts, opinions and ideas because employees and managers are supportive of one and another, so is the absence of a hierarchal system in within the company that encourages freedom of expression in the workplace.


The final word.


Developing a strong and excellent culture within your company most importantly grows belief and faith your company’s mission and vision, ultimately resulting in you having the best team in the workforce, terrific ideas, a friendly work-environment, great customer service and without a doubt, a flourishing company. So, if you haven’t thought about developing a business culture or don’t know what it is exactly, then invest some time in it. You will be amazed at how yourself, your team and your entire company will achieve greatness.

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