Food is Where the MENA Region is…

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Very few people in the world don’t enjoy food. Way before McDonalds or KFC, our prehistoric ancestors hunted to eat and preserve their lives. But the tables have turned in today’s world, people don’t just eat to live; they live to eat. One can argue that food industries all over the globe are the ones taking the world by storm, especially in the MENA region. Restaurants around every corner, a bio-products section emerging in every supermarket- small or big- and a variety of cafés with different styles to choose from. These new food companies are more successful than others, but one might wonder: “How do they DO it?!” Well, to answer your question, let’s simply begin with saying that living in the 21st century has its perks.


With all the technological advancements happening across the globe, industries of all kinds have been utilizing these modern-age technologies and methods to improve many aspects of their businesses and reduce overall costs for many business owners. Furthermore, the food industry has not shied away from these digital advancements and have put them forth to improve their businesses, and people love it!


Ordering Food the Introverted Way


One way food industries in the MENA region are using technology to their advantage is through applications on your average phone. Now, customers can order food with only a few taps on their phones instead of having that awkward phone call with the restaurant employee and the hassle that follows with giving directions, calling again to check on the order and many other annoyances that usually occur. Apps like “Talabat” or “Carriage”, available to many countries like Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, “Otlob”, available in Egypt or Hunger Station also available to many MENA countries, all provide a smooth food ordering experience.


No need to feel frazzled every time the delivery guy delivering your pizza calls you to know where you live because these apps access your location and spare you (and the delivery guy) the trouble. Also, the apps enable notifications so that you are always informed about how your order is doing or if there were or would be any delays.


From the Farm to Your Fork


Now forget the delivery services for a minute and let’s focus here on the thing that a lot of people are starting to care about in this part of the world; health. Social media has exposed people to many things including product scams that claim to be healthy when they’re not with their additives, preservatives and harmful E-chemicals. Because of that, people are going crazy over locally made food and organic products. Bio-products like the lactose-free milk company start-up “Dose of Loz” in Jordan, delivers fresh almond milk that is free of preservatives and sugar, right to your doorstep. Another Bio-company worth mentioning is “Natureland” in Kuwait, which offers vegan and organic products and “Nature’s Gifts Stores” situated in Egypt with almost the same concept.


Arabs Don’t Only Thrive on Hummus Anymore


Technology may be an important factor in determining food business success, but informing yourself about the latest food trends is also a contributing factor. In Jordan for example, the most popular kind of food is juicy, packed with flavor and hearty; the burger. But not just any burger, the restaurants that seem to do well there are the ones that not only offer basic burgers with the usual cheese slices and tomatoes, but the ones that add unconventional ingredients that work. Another example is the seafood cuisine in Egypt, which is also a popular food choice among locals. Kuwaitis enjoy the wide range of foreign food available in their restaurants like Chinese, Italian and American, almost like Jordanians.


The Takeaway


When talking about the food industry, the list never ends. Nowadays, starting and owning a thriving food business has become more attainable and less costly with today’s technology. Intelligent Point-Of-Sale and payroll systems as well as the ability to create simple apps that will help your startup are all proofs of the wonders of artificial intelligence and automation.

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