Are you on the cloud yet?

It’s always a tough decision to decide whether to start your own retail business or settle for your current 9-5 daily routine job. Even if you went ahead and decided to leave your job and establish the business you’ve always dreamt of, you’ll still face one particular dilemma; you will still need to figure out a way to manage daily income transactions against expenses, budget and staff salaries.

Be it a restaurant, coffee shop, bakery or a spa, many new-born retail businesses face the issue of being unable to track daily cash ins and outs. Once a cash register is lost or a server security is compromised, hell breaks loose.

This is where a lot of new smart services are offering what is usually called a cloud service. Cloud service has made accessibility much easier for all types of businesses. It enables users to access tons of data using their smart devices or personal computers. Integrating cloud services with different industries has proven to be very useful recently especially when you’re talking about the Software as a Service industry (SaaS). This particularly comes in handy when you’re talking about your business’ points of sale. So instead of relying on a traditional point of sale system such as a standard cash register connected to a local server, you can now replace it with a simple tablet connected to a remote server.

Some may still wonder what would a difference really be between a regular cash register and a cloud-based-POS. Well, a LOT! Being on the cloud does not only allow you to use a tablet for taking orders or recording customer purchase transactions, it provides you with complete access for your sales reports, daily transactions, and insights using your smartphone or tablet. That’s Not Everything! While you may juggle with licenses, service and maintenance costs with traditional and legacy POS, POS systems provide a much cheaper and dynamic solution for your retail business. Using such a system, you will no longer need to call support to fix your ever-existent server issues. It also increases your business visibility and provides you with a birds-eye view so that you can manage inventory, staff and sales combined.

To be on the cloud or not to be, the call is yours, but the impact of your decision is on your business…



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