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Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.” said Stewart Brand. Every new advancement happens to improve or simplify the way people live. In almost all countries around the world, POS systems have brought many benefits to businesses such as restaurants, retail and other shops  Legacy POS solutions have proven their worth in the market for many years now. To catch up with the fast-changing world, it is necessary to move towards adopting new technologies such as the cloud.

How does the cloud POS differ from the traditional POS? The cloud POS stores data and transactions online on the cloud unlike the traditional POS which stores data on your computer or server. Some of the benefits include:

Highly Portable
Data accessed anywhere at any time on mobile phones or laptops which makes managing the business easier and faster.
Data is stored in a highly secured cloud which will eliminate the probability of losing your data if technical or software issues occurred. Moreover, maintenance is now made easier than before since the maintenance team or person can fix any error offsite.
Multiple integrated tools
The online cloud-based POS Systems open room for integrating with online tools for accounting, delivery or management providing room for innovation and growth. The traditional POS can be customized before setting up the system; however, any tool can be integrated at any time after setting up the POS and using it.
Managing Inventory Cloud POS systems helps businesses manage their inventory since the inventory dashboards are clearly presented and analyzed which helps owners  focus more on how to maintain the best level of inventory. A good cloud POS helps you maintain and retain a good balance of inventory for now and for the future.
Unlike the heavy desktop traditional POS, the cloud POS runs online and only requires an iPad or tablet to run the business. 
Offline mode
Even though the cloud is all about a stable connection, modern cloud POS systems are designed to run offline avoiding any disruptions in operation due to bad internet.


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