Yes, Even Businessmen Are On Facebook…

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The teens living under the same roof as yours aren’t the only ones who are getting something out of social media! If you want to get yourself out there, boost your sales or gain product awareness then social media is your perfect gateway to multiple different advertising strategies, content building tools and other utilities that are free and easy to use.


But wait a minute, before you turn on the computer nearest to you and register for an Instagram account, take a look at your target audience; are they businesses (B2B)? Or just regular consumers (B2C)? Your answer to that question will determine your marketing strategy online so that your message reaches the appropriate audience in the appropriate way.


Alright, so I know what my target audience is, what else do I need to know?


What’s your social platform?




Since B2C marketing focuses on engaging the audience, the most appropriate social media marketing strategy for any B2C business is to make a Facebook page. Social media platforms, namely Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are perfect ways to interact with your customers. Using popular hashtags, connecting with well-known people in your industry, coming up with campaigns on Twitter and getting personal with your consumers by posting pictures in the office on instagram are great ways to promote your product and increase product awareness.




The first thing that comes to mind when talking about B2B social media marketing is LinkedIn, and that’s absolutely correct. B2B marketing differs from B2C marketing in this aspect is that it’s less personal, more logical and more focused on the relationship between the business rather that on the product itself. This is where LinkedIn, Facebook and even Twitter come into place. By opening discussion groups, you aren’t only giving more room for engagement but also content distribution. These social media outlets are also ways to promote your company culture which will establish trust and reliability.


What kind of content are you putting out there?




Make it viral, make it simple and make it short. Content should focus more on your product, offers and deals with some quick entertainment added to it. Creating entertaining youtube videos and distributing them online will increase your online visibility which correlates to increased sales.




While B2C is more “casual” and simple when it comes to content, B2B is more professional, educational and tends to provide its customers with lengthy and detailed content. Purchasing a product with B2C could take seconds or a few days at most, but B2B purchases take more time. This is why creating webinars, in-depth white papers, eBooks and case studies are the way to go, because they give the customer a good look into your product or service and will prove to them that your kind of service is what they need and will make the purchasing process faster.


What are your goals?




With B2C, your main goals would be to achieve more product awareness, customer support and engagement through social media. Creating viral content for B2C marketing is the main component of B2C social media marketing.




The top priority of any B2B business is lead generation. Sharing content, writing blog posts and repurposing previous webinars or making new ones are all strategies that will allow you to gain leads, get information about those leads and nurturing them by steadily providing them with content which will eventually lead to sales.


There are many notable differences between B2B and B2C marketing. However, in spite of these differences, the one thing you should consider when approaching any kind of marketing strategy is to see what works for you and your company.


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