Augmented Intelligence in the Business World

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Augmented Intelligence in Action

Some people say it’s just a ‘marketing term’, some say it’s an ‘over-hyped industry’, but we can’t deny the wonders that Augmented Intelligence has brought to us in the 21st century.


We’ve all been in that situation where we get lost on our way to a friend’s house or get stuck in the most horrific traffic jam we’ve ever seen. So, what do we do when that happens? We take our smartphones out and just ask Siri or Cortana to give us an alternative route; that’s Augmented Intelligence.


On a more business-note, how do you think managers and CEOs get all those detailed sales reports and other analyses in a blink of an eye? Yeah, you guessed it, that’s Augmented Intelligence.  


Say Goodbye to Repetitive Jobs for Good


Augmented Intelligence has aided us (and is still aiding us) in tasks that we sometimes don’t notice, that’s because it has become a normal part of our lives. Life has never been easier because of it.


Augmented Intelligence has helped so many industries across the globe to reduce errors that humans are prone to make. The chances of reaching accuracy with a greater degree of precision has now become possible.

Companies can now predict customers’ needs and improve customer satisfaction using automated systems that make detailed analyses that would otherwise take ages for an employee to do.


Machine intelligence can also be employed to carry out difficult and health hazardous tasks that would be detrimental to humans. Jobs that are considered repetitive and time consuming to humans can now be done at a faster and more efficient pace by machines and special software.


Its Impact on Businesses


It’s easy to see the advantages Augmented Intelligence has on the quality of life and the general state of humans, but of course, with anything as revolutionary, there will be disadvantages.


With things like Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google Maps, customers have become more demanding. This puts great pressure on companies to up their game and work extra hard to try to meet the needs and demands of a fast-developing world. In such a competitive business global market and a world where clients get what they want in just a few clicks, it’s easy for a company to fall back if they’re not attentive to the ever-growing demands of the business market.


Important Factors to Consider


Companies need to start thinking outside the box when it comes to growing their business, especially with the introduction of cloud computing.


Data is becoming a growing concern for customers and clients. They’re becoming more aware of their personal data and what they share online, so the only way you can encourage customers to share their information and buy your product is to show them that your company can be trusted. Tell your customers what they’ll expect when they share their information and buy your product. Failure to put your customers first will cause you to lose some valuable data that could have kept your business driving forward.


Increasing employee engagement is becoming more and more important. Employees are focusing more on the business culture of particular businesses when it comes to finding a job. Enforcing and promoting your business culture will encourage employees to work harder and help drive your business forward.


Augmented Intelligence can also help complement employees’ efforts by giving them access to data and information from anywhere they want. This will allow them to focus their attention on serving customers and improving customer satisfaction rather than spend days trying to retrieve data.


The Takeaway


Machines are becoming more advanced by the minute. Companies are thinking fast and quickly trying to find ways they can improve aspects of their business and meet the needs of the business market. The overall conclusion is that, in spite of the increasing demands that are resulting in overworked employees and constant headaches for managers, this can be a great opportunity to work on aspects of business you never even thought of enhancing. In the long run, this stress you and your employees are most probably experiencing can result in a successful business that will last another decade. 

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