The right ingredients for your bakery point of sale

One solution to manage the dough and to put more than cakes on a stand.

It's our Treat

POSRocket is one service for your entire business, from managing your recipes & inventory to a complete point of sale platform.
Whether you’re opening another location or adding more to the menu, POSRocket helps you make your bakery even more delicious.

Features and Benefits

never miss a sale

Never miss a sale. Set up low stock thresholds and reorder triggers.

Top selling Items

Determine your top selling products and the least popular ones that don’t sell well.

Attention to detail

Track every ingredient, cost and profit margins of your items.

Best-selling day

Get ahead of your busy days and peak hours.

The Perfect Schedule

Get ahead of your busy days and peak hours.

Don't Miss a Beat

Check all your reports and sales data in real time using any device, all you need is internet connection.

Complete Control

Decide on staff permissions and user access security.

Always alert

Never run out and miss a sale. Set up order triggers for when items are running low.