A point-of-sale that helps you sell and grow

Manage your business better with our easy-to-use platform.

Welcome to the future!

We live in a digital world where many technologies are running obsolete. Say NO to traditional point of sale systems, it’s all about the cloud now.
POSRocket secures your data and and gives you full control of it. Your data is stored off-site and can be accessed whenever you want. Many businesses are choosing the mobility and simplicity of our cloud-based POS platform over traditional alternatives.

Features and Benefits

Easy Peasy

Leave the rocket science to us, our product takes minutes to learn.


Enjoy being a Mr/Mrs know it all. Be the owner of knowledge and enjoy the power that comes with it.

Don’t Miss a Beat

Check your reports and sales data in real time using any device.

Always Getting Better

Constantly building new features to keep your business up-to-date with free automated software updates.

Inventory Management

Manage inventory of all sizes and always get notified when you’re out of stock.

Works Offline

Continue working in offline mode and your data will be synced once you’re back online.

Manage Remotely

Add items, monitor sales and get insights anywhere, anytime.


No commitments, no upfront payments and no maintenance fees.

The Launchpad developer platform

A few ideas, unlimited possibilites

We’re proud to be the first developer platform disrupting the MENA’s point of industry. If your app provides technology related services that can serve our customers, let's integrate!

Business Types

Dry Cleaners



Coffee Shops

Our Family



Featured in the media



Startups sharing the future

We are proud being listed by World Economic Forum as one of 100 start-ups shaping the industrial revolution.

Startup of the year

Success is what we are after so let's share it, we are proud to be named the best startup of the year on the 16th of October by Bank al Etihad's SME Awards SME.

Entrepreneur of the year

Shortlisted by EY for Entrepreneur of the year award.